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Strength Alliance is a premium designer and manufacturer of the finest strength and conditioning equipment on the market. We know our customers expect nothing less than the best, and that’s what we deliver: durable, functional, quality fitness equipment that will take your strength training to the next level.


What To Look For

If you’re starting your own gym or overhauling an existing fitness space, you’ll probably have dozens of questions about the world of strength equipment and the accompanying rigs, weights, flooring and storage units you might need. Here at Strength Alliance, we are experts in the field, and we can offer you all the advice and assistance you need to kit out your gym with gear your customers will love – and see excellent results from. Want to know more about kitting out your own gym, big or small? Check out our facility outfitting page and fill in our custom quote form.


Ideal Strength, Conditioning & CrossFit Training Equipment

While CrossFit certainly has weight training at the heart of its program, there are real distinctions between this unique training method and conventional weight training. CrossFit uses a huge variety of equipment designed to work the whole body, whereas regular weight training focuses on isolation movements. From barbells and medicine balls to ropes and training rigs, the range of CrossFit training equipment is far more varied than conventional weight training apparatus – and you’ll need to stock up on all of it to keep your clientele coming back!


Buying Strength Equipment in the UK & Europe

When it comes to buying Strength and Conditioning equipment, it can be tempting to go for second-hand or cheap options – especially if you’re starting your own gym for the first time. But gym equipment isn’t like a TV or a car which works just as well when purchased second-hand – when your customers are getting physical with strength and conditioning equipment, they need to know the apparatus they’re using is of the highest quality.

As a gym owner or operator, your first concern should always be the safety of your customers – which is why we’d always recommend buying brand new, high-quality equipment. If you can’t buy it all in one order, build up your array of equipment steadily over time. Your customers will see your commitment to quality and understand that you’re striving to provide the best possible conditions for them to train – that’s got to be worth a few loyalty points.


We Are Specialists

As professional, specialist strength and conditioning retailers, we pride ourselves on providing the very best products to our customers. We’ve developed our own range of overseas & UK-manufactured gear and we’ve built strong relationships with suppliers from across the globe to guarantee that our range is the finest in the Europe.



As specialists, we can also offer a full guarantee on our products. Customers stocking up on equipment for Strength and Conditioning facilities are covered by a 30-day ‘Peace of Mind’ guarantee, as well as a full warranty. You can rely on your Strength Alliance gear to deliver when you need it most.


First Rate Advice And Assistance

Our team is always on hand to offer first-rate guidance and advice on all things gym. Our mission is to ensure that you receive exceptional service, delivery and after care – so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via free-phone 0800 689 3018. Our friendly customer care team can help you plan your strength training facility and decide which pieces of equipment are for you.