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Athlete sponsorship isn’t just about us giving you free gear, we need you to be a real team player, help grow our brand and ultimately make us look awesome. In return we will do everything we can to help you get more out of your training with our equipment, clothing and possibly helping you cover some of your competition costs.  We also offer discounts and commission through our affiliate program.

Have you heard of us?

If you haven’t heard of us or already following us then get to know us first by checking out our Facebook, Instagram and Website. If you like what you see then read on.

Are you actually going to put the work in?

We really need you to put the effort in to promote Strength Alliance by regularly posting and sharing on social media, promoting us through word of mouth to other athletes and fans and participating in professional photo-shoots across the country.  We expect you to be promoting us weekly and without it you will lose your sponsorship. Sponsorship for us is an investment. 

Have you got what it takes?

You may be a great athlete but have you got great character? We need personalities not just fit bodies. At the moment we are focusing on sponsoring competitive CrossFit Athletes and Olympic Weightlifters. Remember we are only going to sponsor you if you are going to make us shine.

How is your exposure?

As we said above social media is a huge part of helping us grow, Are you already using social media such as Facebook & Instagram? Do you write for a blog or magazine? We’ll be writing about you so the more content you give us the more we can promote you.

Treat Sponsorship as a real job

Although you won’t be getting a wage paid in every month, we will be giving you free products worth a lot of money in return for your hard work, the more you put in the more we will help you so we expect you to meet the demands. At the end of the day it’s doing something you love and being rewarded for it.

Who we don’t want

  • If your just here for free products.
  • Arrogance and vanity.
  • Zero personality.


Get In Touch

After having read what we are looking for do you think you fit the bill? Get in touch with us, we want to hear everything from basic stats, where you live about you, current PB’s, Competitions and anything else you think we might want to know about. We also want to know what you expect from sponsorship and what you can offer us. 

Please send your athlete CV to [email protected]