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  • Four Functional Workouts to Nuke Your Xmas Gut

    Four Functional Workouts to Nuke Your Xmas Gut

    Christmas is a time for excess and overindulgence. And no matter how much you try to resist temptation, most of us will be coming out of the festivities feeling a little off. Rich food and flowing drinks not only leave their toll on the outside, but the inside, too. Continue reading

  • The Best Tools To Build Your Engine

    Earlier in the year we asked the Strength Alliance social community of over 8000 followers, subscribers and friends: What was there favourite conditioning tool, or in other words what inflicts the most amount of enjoyable pain... Hundreds voted, commented and shared our question, so in return we picked at random several lucky winners to receive a special discount code to use on any Strength Alliance products.

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  • CrossFit 1066

    Having just opened in late August, CrossFit 1066 has already had a huge amount of new members flood through the gates. The 1066 team came to us several months ago with the idea of opening a premier CrossFit box in Hastings, East Sussex. What sets them apart from the rest is their unique & professional approach to the CrossFit training method.

    The 1066 box has the latest and greatest in CrossFit equipment with several unreleased products such as our Pro-Rig range and Plyo-Soft-Boxes. Every aspect of member ability has been carefully thought out.

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  • Brutal Bumper Plate Movements You’ve Probably Never Tried

    Sick of doing the same old movements or can you sense boredom on the faces of your clients and members. Who said you have to use a barbell with your bumper plates. Add some variance to your workouts with these old school bumper plate movements.

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  • West 12 Health Centre

    The Mission

    Balraj Sohal M.OST, GOSC founder of West 12 health center opened his new facility to fill the gap between treatment and rehabilitation, a gap that is quite often neglected by ourselves as we have all been guilty of undergoing a form of treatment and completely bypassing correct rehabilitation.

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  • Gym Flooring Buying Guide

    Setting up a new Gym can be a big task whether it’s a commercial facility such as a CrossFit affiliate, Globo style gym, personal training studio or a garage gym big or small the first and foremost thing you should be planning to buy is the correct flooring. Don’t get caught out by leaving it till the last minute, It’s a major task with possible hurdles and can take a lot longer than you might initially have planned for.

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  • Dating A CrossFit Chick

    There have been many articles written about the reasons any bloke would want to date a CrossFit chick, however in reality it can be quite a challenging experience.

    Perhaps it comes down to what sort of CrossFit chick you are interested in.

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  • The Newbies Guide To The CrossFit Community

    This is a very apt time of year to explain the CrossFit community. If you are not a CrossFitter then it is quite a difficult and obscure thing to describe. A bunch of people who become not just friends, not just acquaintances but family all because they go to the gym together… right.

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  • 5 Tips To Improve & Master The Snatch

    The Beautiful Snatch...

    Such a joyous, complicated, immensely challenging and beautiful movement. Also guaranteed to get a giggle out of the more childishly minded of us, like myself. “Today I’m going to look at your snatches… *snigger*”

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  • The Alliance Barbell - The Female Take

    It wasn’t so long ago that it was a completely foreign concept that a woman, outside of the sport of weightlifting, would have an opinion on an Olympic barbell...

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